what is a keratin treatment

Keratin treatment

what is a keratin treatment

What is a keratin treatment ?, Dealing with frizzy, damaged, or dry hair? Keratin may very well be precisely what you want! This spectacular substance can get rid of frizz and depart your hair silky-soft.

So, What’s Keratin?

Keratin is a naturally occurring protein. The hair outer layer making by keratin protein. Everyone’s hair comprises a special quantity of keratin. When your hair is broken, that means that the outer layer of keratin in your hair is broken.

What’s Keratin Treatment?

You may need seen keratin Treatment marketed at salons. Such therapies add keratin again into your hair. First, a particular serum of keratin is applying. Then, keratin treatments product heating and infusing to your hair with a flat iron.

Is Keratin Treatment Efficient?

Keratin treatments are amazingly efficient. They’ll take the unruliest and frizziest mane and switch it right into a shiny, healthy head of hair. The keratin works by sealing the cuticle of your hair to create a shiny look.

How Long Do Keratin Treatment Last?

On common, keratin therapies final between one and two months. The period of time a keratin therapy will last for you is dependent upon how usually you wash your hair in addition to how usually you expose your hair to chlorine, saltwater, and the sunlight.

Will a Keratin Treatment Work for My Hair?

Keratin treatments are designing for thick and coarse hair. In fact, keratin is nice for broken locks, so don’t fear for those who’ve permed, relaxed, or bleached your hair.

When you have high-quality hair, keep away from salon keratin treatments. An additional infusion of keratin will overwhelm delicate strands. When you have high-quality strands, go for much less intensive therapy treatment. Nonetheless, at-home keratin treatments are excellent for high-quality hair.

 Do Keratin Treatment Harm Hair?

Nope! Keratin treatments are literally fabulous to your hair. After your treatment, your hair will likely be stronger and fewer susceptible to breakage. Keratin treatments seal in colour and moisture while offering a layer of safety.

How do I care for my hair after a keratin therapy?

Wash your hair as sometimes as potential after the treatment. Go for shampoos that sulfate-free, however, do present UV safety, equivalent to O&M Hydrate and Conquer Shampoo

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